Organised industrial zones' (OIZ's) are started to be established in our country to promote industry to build in appropriate areas, prevent unorganised industrialization and environmental issues, manage urban planning, use resources rationally, get benefit from
information and data technologies and place and develop industry types in a determined plan.


Zonguldak -caycuma Organised Industrial Zone, which are right in the middle of zonguldak, Bartin and karabuk cities and 80 km away from the eregli and karabuk iron and steel factory, and 10 km away from Filyos Industrial Zone and Filyos Embarkment which is planned to be

completed in near future, it will be the attraction point of the region, it's total landscape is 125 hectare and consists of 63 unit of industrial parcels, 54 parcels' allocation to industrials are completed and 9 industrial parcel are readily waiting for entrepreneurs. There is no infrastructural issue for zonguldak - caycuma Organised Industrial Zone, complete services are equally provided to all investors. The region is developed on a flat land, water, electricity, natural gas, waste water lines, drenage and landline and support systems existence makes the regions attractive for new investors.