Çaycuma OIZ Land Allocation


Regarding to 4562 numbered OIZ Act's Temporary 9th Section and Ministerial Board's 2011/1808 numbered decision, industrial lands' allocation is done as %10 paid (2.50TL/m2) and %90 unpaid (22.50.TL/m2) in condition of the industrials' employ at least 10 employees.

Commencing from 12.04.2013 date until 12.04.2015, those companies which demands the industrial parcels will be allocated with 2,5 TL /m2 land price and 10,00 TL / m2 participation shared and with 20,00 TL / m2 participation share additionally Service Support Land's allocation is done, besides, those companies covered with allocation pays administration fee to cover administral and operational expenses, amount of administral fee is 0,70 TL / m2 before VAT for 2014 year (688,33 TL per month for 10.000 m2 parcel land)


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