Road: First-class concrete pavement

Water: Drinking water quality at 4-6 bar pressure, 180 Lt/secElectricity: 34.5 kw. At each parcel boundary.

Natural gas: At each parcel boundary 4 bar PE pipe, 16 bar steel pipe.Sewerage: 200-600 mm concrete pipe at each parcel boundary on a suitable caliber

Rainwater: At each parcel boundary.

Phone: At each parcel boundary in the amount requested.

Topographic Plan Services

Building Licence

Habitation Licence

Free Consumer Continuous Natural Gas Sale Price of September 2013: 0,717783 TL/cm³
(Transportation fee, Special Consumption Tax, VAT excluded)

It is supplied by our regional sources.
Sale Price: 2,00 TL/m³ Consumption

Wastewater Collector Line will be completed at the end of 2013 and will be connected to Wastewater Treatment Plant of Çaycuma Municipality.

Organized Industrial Zone Administration derives its total consumed electrical energy from different suppliers via bilateral agreements and aims to keep the electricity costs as low as possible.

The cost of Single Term Single Use Tariff is 0,169 TL/kwh (excluding Distribution Cost, Transmission System Use Cost and Value Added Tax. The %2 TRT share which is included in the purchasing fee of OIZ energy prices will be reflected on sales units by %1 Energy Fund and %1 Municipal Consumption Tax OIZ active energy sales prices ).

Distribution Price: 0,0135 TL/kwh (This is the price that reflects the distribution expenditures and annually approved by EMRA - Republic of Turkey Energy Market Regulatory Authority)


1. In our zone, wastewater will be ejected to Çaycuma Municipality Treatment Plant.

2. There is not any hazardous waste storage or annihilation plants in our zone. The facilities that have hazardous waste send their waste to the recycling/annihilation plants licensed by the Ministry of Environment.

3. In our zone, domestic waste is collected and removed by Çaycuma Municipality.

4. Annihilation of the packing waste in our zone is organized and sent by OIZ Directorate and companies to recycling companies licensed by the Ministry of Environment.

5. In the scope of environmental management system operations in our zone;
In terms of Water Pollution Control: As part of Water Pollution Control Regulation, wastewater of our zone is controlled in Environmental Laboratory.

In terms of Air Pollution Control: Since natural gas is used throughout our zone, there is not any significant problem on air pollution.

In terms of Solid Waste: Facilities send their domestic waste to the garbage dumps of the Municipality and their recyclable waste to the recycling plants. OIZ exercises controls in the scope of Solid Waste Control Regulation.

Hazardous waste/materials: There are not any collection or storage plants in our zone. Hazardous waste is sent to licensed recycling/annihilation plants by producing companies.

Noise Pollution: There is not any significant noise pollution throughout OIZ. Companies meet the obligations of the Noise Pollution Control Regulation